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This week, as I have studied for final exams, some of my coursework has shifted from being strictly head knowledge to becoming intensely personal.

Today, as you read this, one of my friends is undergoing brain surgery to remove a tumor in her right occipital lobe.  As we know, this lobe is responsible for vision, and as I studied vision and visual perception this week for my  final exam yesterday, I couldn’t help but think about what would happen if my friend’s surgery left her with visual and visual perceptual impairments.

She and her new husband started a blog last week in order to keep people updated, and you can watch their video update from Wednesday by clicking here.  They address how they are feeling emotionally going into this surgery, as well as the visual risks associated with it.

Because she is both my friend and my neighbor,  thoughts have definitely gone through my OT student head about how I could be of assistance to her during her recovery, especially if she does experience cuts in her visual field and/or any other visual perceptual challenges.

I guess the further along I progress in my OT journey, the less it will feel like I am studying for tests, and the more it will feel like I’m studying for real life.

Please join me in thoughts and prayers as she undergoes today’s surgery and the coming weeks and months of recovery.  I will post an update once I know more.


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