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This summer I’m doing my first Level 2 OT fieldwork in adult day health. Without going into too much detail, I help adults with dementia and developmental disabilities to maintain their current level of function in their everyday lives through the use of occupation. We use a lot of creativity in our therapy groups, including artwork.

As I stared at the few corks sitting on my counter the other day, it hit me that we could probably do a lot of creative work with wine corks in our therapy groups. I did some preliminary investigative work, and here’s what I found!

1. This site gives a few simple instructions for basic jewelry:

For Earings
Two wine corks
Earring hooks
An image of some sort (This can be small pictures from a magazine even…as long as it’s small enough to wrap around the cork)
A ring (keychain rings are perfect)
A strong staple and staple gun
A clear glue, preferably an eco-friendly one

What you do: Wrap your image around the corks. Seal it with the glue. Place the ring over the top of the cork and staple it into the cork. Attach the earring hooks to the ring and wahlah!

For Necklaces
One wine cork
An image
A ring
A strong staple
A chain

For necklaces, follow the instructions above, but loop the chain through the ring when done.

2. This site sells jewelry utilizing “upcycled” corks:

3. This site sells jewelry made entirely of cork:

4. Lastly, this site sells place card holders made out of cut up corks:

I’m sure there are even more ways to put corks to good use (besides the traditional cork board, of course). Yeah for OT!


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