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Three years ago, when my now-husband and I were engaged, we met with a Marriage and Family Therapist for a few sessions of premarital counseling.  During that time, we were asked to complete the Meyrs-Briggs, which is based on the Jung typology test.  It was meant to help us better understand the nuances of our own personalities, and how they could either mesh or clash in our relationship.

A lot has changed about me in the past three years, so today I decided to revisit the Jung typology test, just to see if these changes would be reflected in this assessment.

The assessment I used can be found by clicking here.

Though my scores were significantly different than last time in some of the categories, my four basic traits have remained the same: INFJ.

While my results were no surprise, what did surprise me was what I found when I clicked on the link titled “Identify Your Career with Jung Career Indicator.”  Seeing as I’m almost halfway done with OT school, it’s clear that I am committed to pursuing a career in this field, but I thought it would be fun to see what “the formula” said I should do.  You wanna know what I found?

I found that the careers listed, if combined into one profession, would resemble the basics of Occupational Therapy.  What was on the list?

Social Work




Health Care

Early Childhood Education





Not only were these career fields listed, but they were directly followed by names of educational institutions from which one could obtain a degree in order to pursue a career in that field.

Why wasn’t Occupational Therapy included in this list?

Is it a matter of funding?  Did the other fields/educational programs just have more money to be able to be included in this company’s list of recommended careers/schools?  Is it a matter of having Occupational Therapy just lumped into the category of “healthcare”?  Or is it strictly a matter of awareness (or a lack thereof)?  I’ve taken countless personality tests and career self-assessments over the years, and none of them ever once mentioned the name “Occupational Therapy” even though, as I’m now finding, it is an absolute perfect fit for me.

Is there a way for the AOTA to make sure that, in personality/career self-assessments such as the Myers-Brigss/Jung typology, Occupational Therapy is included in response to the appropriate personality category when test-takers are curious as to what career would suit their personality?  Or what it Occupational Therapy was included in response to all of the personality categories, because that’s how diverse the field really is, and that’s part of what the Centennial Vision is striving for?

I think there should be a way for it to be included.

If so, how?

What do you think?


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